Information Visualization Kit

Process Visualization Frameworks

Ensuring stakeholders can understand complex systems facilitating decision-making.

Data Visualization Frameworks

Monitor and analyze quantitate information geographic form.

Immersive Visualization Frameworks

Use your time for generating new ideas for your startup. Take a break from the routine.

Process Visualization

Complex programs benefit greatly by having a visual component that can help track and represent the goals, work streams, processes and roles.

Process Analytics
You’ll get a description of each component and learn how to connect and use them.
Business modeling
Video tutorials show you how to make a web site for your startup from design to code.

Data Visualization

Storytelling on top of Big Data: Delivering not only what big data is but what it means. This process creates an outcome that promotes action and understanding. We design and develop custom software that easily and consistently delivers corporate messages.

Make comprehensive analysis of data with geo-map based visuals. using Interact with data on a map using dashboards and controls.
Responsive mapping
An interplay between data visualization, prediction modeling and strategic analysis.

Immersive Visualization

The Killer App for the Internet of Things is currently in Maga labs. This advanced visualization framework integrates technologies for Gesture/Touch Interface, Hardware Display, 3D and Immersion/Gamification.

Virtual Reality
Immerse into a 3D world for advanced simulation using Oculus Rift.
Advanced Displays
Interact with maps on a deeper level using a large touch-screen display.

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